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Secondary English Tuition at Good School Learning Hub: Designed to effectively address all challenges faced by your child

Challenge 1: Many parents notice their children seem unmotivated to study for English, often neglecting to revise until the last moment.

Reason: This reluctance can be attributed to a lack of specific guidelines on what and how to study effectively. Our AIM approach has many English Equations for students to study and work on before their exams in a systematic manner where they will know exactly how to engineer the perfect answer. 

Challenge 2: Another concern is that despite considerable effort and practice, some students do not show improvement.

Reason: This is often because they are unsure of the correct strategies for answering questions, leading to reinforced mistakes that become hard to correct later. Our AIM curriculum, focuses on correcting these common errors and equipping students with effective study techniques.

Challenge 3: Furthermore, the misconception that only inherently creative students can achieve an 'A' in English is widespread.

Reason: We dispel this myth at Good School Learning Hub by employing logical, structured methods that provide all students with the tools to excel. Our English Equations approach in our AIM, similar to solving mathematical equations, introduces a novel clarity to learning English, enabling consistent high performance without the need for natural linguistic flair. In fact, our curriculum will benefit logical students even more!

Achieving Excellence in English

Our commitment to providing good secondary English tuition in Kovan, Tampines, and now Clementi, has yielded significant results. Many of our students have mastered the SVOCA method under Mr. Tan’s guidance, transitioning from uncertain to confident in their English abilities. This mastery has directly contributed to a majority achieving 'A' grades in their examinations, a testament to the effectiveness of our tailored approach. Check out our testimonials to see what many of our Secondary English students say after achieving significant improvement with us!

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