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Tan Yi Feng Eason.jpeg
Zheng Wen Yin.jpeg
Kingsmen Ong.jpeg


Eason Tan
Maris Stella High


Zheng Wen Yin
Zhong Hua Secondary


Kingsmen Ong
Maris Stella High

More Math Written Testimonials 1: Testimonials

Since my Primary school days, Math has always been my strongest and favourite subject, but things started to take a toll ever since I embarked on taking up Additional Mathematics in Secondary 3. F9s after F9s and ever since then, math became pointless and a hassle. Not paying attention in math class and constantly not completing math homework assigned to me became a habit. Fast forward a year into Secondary 4 and after getting the usual F9 during my first term test, I realised that I did not have much time left. I needed lots of help at the state I was in and approached Good School Learning Hub .

From the first lesson, my tutor told me it was still possible to turn my 9 to a 1 hence I trusted him and followed everything he got me to work on. In Good School, I was taught to approach Math in a different way, and my tutor was able to advise me the necessary strategies to tackle math problems with ease. Furthermore, he pays special attention to all his students and often points out our own personal topic that we would have problems in. During class, my tutor also catches up with us and would often tell us his past time when he was a Secondary school student. This made me look forward to his lesson every week and eventually brought back the passion I had for math .

Joining Good School was probably the best decision I have made as I scored two A1s for both maths during the O'Levels. My parents called it a miracle seeing my Math standard at the start of the year, and still managing to get a double distinction in the O-Levels. To be honest, I was also surprised and for this I have to give a huge thank you to my tutor and Good School Learning Hub for the support those few months. What are you waiting for, join Good School now to discover a miracle today!

Eason Tan

Ryan Leong (2).jpeg
Chin Yu Xuan Zeanne.jpeg
Sharan Kandhan (1).jpeg


Ryan Leong
Maris Stella High


Zeanne Chin
North Vista Secondary


Sharan Kandhan
North Vista Secondary

More Math Written Testimonials 1: Testimonials

Although I had a strong interest in Mathematics in Primary school, when I transitioned into Secondary school life, Math was rather tough, especially with all the new concepts taught. Even though I must say that lower Secondary Math was not that bad, my interest in the field dwindled when A math reared its ugly head at me. With complex concepts such as binomial theorem and logarithmic functions, in addition to the fact that my school had only one teacher teaching both Maths concurrently, I simply could not keep up with the insanely fast pace at which my teacher was going at. As a result, my A math score continued to dwindle to a B4 in Secondary 4 mid-years, the lowest score I’ve ever obtained for A math ever.

Knowing that I required urgent help, me and my parents found out about Good School Learning Hub, snuggly situated in a little corner at Kovan. Being the slightly introverted type, enrolling in a new tuition center was rather nerve-wrecking, but my tutor made it welcoming for me and soon, I was on track with the class. My tutor devised a unique strategy in which involved finding keywords to devise a suitable fixed strategy for question types, one that was quite simple to understand and carry out. He even developed his own worksheets in which he goes through the different bite-sized parts of each chapter so that it would be easy for us to absorb the content taught, and questions are given to increase our exposure to many question types, which in turn increases our exam readiness. At times when schools just teach you the formula and how to use it, my tutor delves deeper into what the formula represents and the multiple ways of applying it to different question types, ensuring that whatever the question, we would always be ready for it during exams. Moreover, to keep lessons interesting, my tutor shares funny life stories with us, be it related or not to A math, so as to allow us to make better decisions in life. Hence, he not only prepares us for the A math examination, but also for the future and society. He is also extremely approachable and can answer any queries round-the-clock, which was extremely helpful for me.

In the end, I ended up achieving a stellar grade of A1 within just a few months for my O'Levels, and I really have my tutor to thank for, helping me to attain this 4-grade jump. I would highly recommend Good School to others as not only does my tutor give the skills to succeed in A Math through various strategies, but also in life, which became extremely resourceful to me.

Ryan Leong

Beverly Goh.jpeg
Yeo Zhi Kai.jpeg
Markus Teng.jpeg


Beverly Goh
Tanjong Katong Girls School


Yeo Zhi Kai
Tanjong Katong Secondary School


Markus Teng
St Gabriel’s Secondary School

More Math Written Testimonials 1: Testimonials

Before joining good school, i constantly had problems understanding and scoring for Amath. The pace in school is extremely fast for me to keep up as well. As a result, im always lacking behind my classmates.

Mr Zhang is a passionate and patient teacher who helps me understand math concepts in interesting and effective ways- structure, detailed, yet straightforward. Queries can be clarified at any point of time, both during and outside of class time, and Mr Zhang is always more than happy to answer them.

Besides teaching us math, he would also teach us important life lessons as well. Nearer to O levels, Mr Zhang would give us other school papers to expose us to different type of questions, as well as to test our understanding on the topics. Overall, I have a 7 grade improvement in my 2 years in good school, and scored an a2 for amath in olevels. Would definitely recommend people to join good school.

Beverly Goh

Low Wan Yi.jpeg
Low Wan Xin.jpeg
Decibel Wee.jpeg


Low Wan Yi
Hougang Secondary School


Low Wan Xin

Paya Lebar Methodist Girls' School

EMATH D7 - A1 (N),
D7 - B4 (O)

Decibel Wee
Pasir Ris Crest Secondary School

More Math Written Testimonials 1: Testimonials

When I joined good school, I was only a few weeks away from my O levels and was failing my math. Math has never been a strong subject for me and I found it hard to grasp onto concepts. Within a short period of time, I was able to jump from a F9 to a C6! It was quite shocking to me and it was the first time I passed math in awhile and made such an improvement!

I'd like to thank Mr Zhang for his guidance and never ending patience whenever i failed to submit assignments on time and for being willing to solve my doubts and questions late at night! Thank you for teaching me all the shortcuts I wish I learned earlier when solving equations and for never giving up on me! :D

Low Wan Yi

Natalyn Teo.jpeg
Louise Heather.jpeg
Teng Zheng Kai Darius.jpeg


Natalyn Teo
Holy Innocents’ High School


Louise Heather
Springfield Secondary School

EMATH U - A1 (N)

Teng Zheng Kai Darius
Gan Eng Seng School

More Math Written Testimonials 1: Testimonials

Before I joined Good School, I was an E8/F9 student. I was constantly struggling with Math and I felt that I am not able to understand the use behind formulas. I couldn’t keep up with the lessons taught in school and did not understand what was going on. Since then, I had avoided Math as I did not like them.

When I first joined Good School in Secondary 2, the tutor was able to share effective methods and important key points. When it comes to answering questions, my tutor always took extra effort and patience to explain till we’re clear. Notes provided by Good School had plenty of tips to guide us when we’re studying at home too. In addition, he is also approachable and friendly whenever we need help. He never fails to make lessons interesting and engaging by telling us stories of mistakes to help us remember not to make the same mistakes.

I strongly recommend attending Good School’s lessons as my takeaway from these lessons are not just the improvement of grades, but the science in brainstorming and use of logical application in daily life.

Natalyn Teo

Mayne Tan (2).jpg
Crystal (2).jpg


Mayne Tan Xin Lin
Guangyang Secondary


Gwyneth Quek Ee-En
St. Magaret's Secondary School


Crystal Tan
Xinmin Secondary School

More Math Written Testimonials 1: Testimonials

Before joining Good school, I never really understood the concepts and the formulas for math. I felt like math was really difficult and I can never pass the subject. I do not know how to solve the question and how to apply what I’ve learnt in school to the questions. For example, Indices is one of the topics that I struggled with because I have to force myself to memorize the rules in order to solve the question. I hate it when I have to force myself to memorize something that I do not even know what I’m memorizing and what the rules are about but I still managed to get a C6 when I was in secondary 1.

Mr Zhang’s teaching method is different from how my school teacher teach me. He will explain and demonstrate a question for us before giving us other questions to try ourselves. Math is a subject where we have to practice, practice and more practice so Mr Zhang will always give us homework after each lesson. I used to hate the homework that he gave because I felt really unmotivated to do it as the questions can be quite challenging at times but now come to think of it, I have to thank the questions because it is the practices that helped me to improve for mathematics. Sometimes when we are all very stressed and tired from the math practices, Mr Zhang will give us a short break by telling us stories about him and his family for us to relax for a while.

A few months before the final exams, Mr Zhang will revise all the topics with us starting from sec 1 all the way to sec 4, we will write down notes for every topic and he will give us lots of questions to practice on. We will ask him and tell him the questions that we got wrong and would need clarification on, and he would explain them to us. The centre’s environment is also very conducive for us to study as there are a study table just located outside the classrooms which made it quite convenient for us to clarify our doubts when needed. I remembered a time when I really needed Mr Zhang’s help with a question but it was already very late at night so I didn’t expect him to reply me through WhatsApp. I am really surprised when he did because I was panicking and I needed his help as soon as possible. I am really thankful for him for all his help and support. My hard work finally paid off when I received my o level results, I had a 2-grade improvement from C6 to B4.

I am very proud of myself but if I do not have Mr hang’s help, I do not think I can do it. I would definitely recommend good school to my friends and my juniors because it really help me a lot and I want Mr Zhang to help more teenagers that are struggling with mathematics like how I was when I first joined good school.

Mayne Tan Xin Lin

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