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Teo Ding Yan_Good School Mentee 2022.jpg


Teo Ding Yan

Tanjong Katong Secondary School



Aellesia Chong

Punggol Secondary School


Kenneth Pang Xue Ze

Broadrick Secondary School

More Math Written Testimonials 2: Testimonials

My name is Ding Yan from Tanjong Katong Secondary School.


I took E Math and A Math with Good School Learning Hub. My E Math was a C6 and my A Math was very bad, an F9. For E Math, I was very poor in my foundations, I couldn't understand the concepts and I didn't know how to apply them in questions. There were very simple concepts that I did not understand. For A Math, it required E Math foundation too, and because my E Math foundation was really very weak, A Math made me more confused about it and I couldn't understand anything the teacher said. So, my mum found Good School near our house, and we decided to come here to try it out.


My tutor in Good School Learning was Mr Zhang, he was a very engaging teacher and he would always share his personal experiences in secondary school to keep us captivated during the lessons. It was a good breather during the lesson because some teachers would just drag on but Mr Zhang talked to us like he was our friend. Mr Zhang would also ask us questions that targeted our weaknesses, so we could truly understand what we could improve on and he also gave us very good notes so that we could revise on our own time. He has the START method where we would look at the question, pick out concepts that we remember and he will teach us the different methods towards solving a certain question. Depending on the criteria of the question, we will continue. There is a checklist of how to solve questions that he would teach us.


My E Math went from a C6 to a B3 and my A Math went from an F9 to a C6 so I passed even for O Levels. I believe that good things must be shared and there are a lot of very helpful notes and very supportive teachers that are in Good School, and they also have small learning classes so it's easier for you to ask questions. They also have self-study tables so we can just go there and do our own revisions. So, I would definitely recommend it.

Teo Ding Yan


Caden Teo Zhao Jie
Bowen Secondary School


Ng Shi Ning
Dunman Secondary School


Presha Janalle R

Cedar Girls' Secondary School

More Math Written Testimonials 2: Testimonials

I'm Caden from Bowen Secondary School and I joined Good School Learning Hub at the end of 2021 when I was in Sec 3 during the December holidays. I have been constantly failing E Math, having a score of E8 for my end-of-year exams, which made me finally decide to join Good School Learning Hub - to further improve my results. I was stressed and worried about my E Math which I have been constantly failing and hence, I wanted to finally get the score I want. It was going to be O Level year so I had to find a way to further improve my score. Therefore, I decided to take a holiday class at Good School Learning Hub which really helped me on my journey

to O Levels.


At first, it took a while to adapt to the heavy workload that was constantly given every week. But I quickly adapted and persevered with the one goal in mind to do well in my Maths exam. Good School Learning Hub has taught me multiple skills such as the START method and helped me understand many different concepts on different topics. My doubts were constantly cleared with Mr Zhang as my E Math tutor, who was very approachable and highly encouraged all of us to approach him during times of need. He was always just a text away. For example, I remembered many instances where I messaged him whenever I needed help with my Maths, and he will reply with a clear-cut voice message. It was really easy to understand Mr Zhang with his clear-cut explanation every single time.


During the intense revision, Mr Zhang pushed us all to revise and practice as much Maths as we could. As we persevered and put in a lot of hard work, it finally paid off when I got a B3 for my O Levels. I couldn't believe it! As a person who has been failing Maths all the time, I finally got a result I was satisfied with. I had a jump of 5 grades and it was all thanks to the hard work and the intense revision that Good School had put in. Mr Zhang also taught us about problem-solving skills that helped us a lot and prepped us a lot when it comes to solving hard questions in the exam. With Good School's conducive learning environment and awesome teachers, I'm sure many students will excel in the subject that they take up.


I will definitely recommend Good School to my friends and juniors in the future if they are struggling with any subjects because I find that the teaching here is very useful, and the teachers here helped students a lot based on understanding and teaching different methods for different topics.

Celeste Teo

Shannon Lin Yi Xuan_Good School Mentee 2022_edited.jpg


Shannon Lin Yi Xuan

North Vista Secondary School


Bryan Lim Aik Sian

Punggol Secondary School


Lim Wei Han

Yuying Secondary School

More Math Written Testimonials 2: Testimonials

Hi, I am Shannon and I am from North Vista Secondary School. I got a raw score of 16 for my O Levels.


Some issues that I faced before joining Good School were that I was unable to keep up with the pace my teachers were going at as it was too fast and I am a slow learner. Hence, I faced many difficulties with A Math, and I also did not get the right concepts. Before joining Good School, I scored C6 and D7 for my mid-year exams and prelims respectively.


Lessons in Good School are different in the sense that the lesson progresses at a much slower pace and I am able to ask questions instantly when I am in doubt as the teacher is directly in front of me, as opposed to in school where the teacher is very far away and you will feel a bit "paiseh" to ask. In addition, Good School also helped me to strengthen my fundamentals. What I like about the lessons is that he will record the lesson and privately send me the video afterwards. I was able to refer back to the video when redoing the practices he sent. Not only that, but my teacher is very entertaining as well. What I like about my tuition centre's environment is that the class size is very small which makes the class very conducive for learning. I feel that having a small class size will mean that there will be more interactions made during lessons which will definitely make my learning more effective.


I had a 5 grade improvement for A Math and managed to score an A2 for O Levels. I would definitely recommend Good School to my friends since I find that not only does Good School have a conducive study environment as they also have a study area outside the classroom, but also very nice teachers who motivated me to do better to not disappoint them and waste their hard work in teaching me.

Shannon Lin Yi Xuan


Cherilynn Chua

Tanjong Katong Girls School


Chua Kai Yi

Catholic High School


Kwok Kye Zen

Dunman Secondary School

More Math Written Testimonials 2: Testimonials

Hi, I'm Cherilynn Chua from Tanjong Katong Girls School's class of 2022.


During both my E Math and A Math lessons in school, I constantly struggled to understand and keep up with the fast pace of teaching. Furthermore, as there was limited lesson time, I was unable to fully clarify my doubts with my teachers despite having an allocated consultation time. For E Math specifically, I had constantly made careless mistakes in my work and that resulted in my grades dropping drastically. I constantly left work to be done at the last minute while prioritising other subjects. Before joining Good School, my grades were at a record low, scoring a F9 in E Math and a D7 in A Math.


During my lessons at Good School, Mr Zhang explained every mathematical concept in detail, guiding me alongside the guidebooks that he had released. He would ensure we have understood the fundamentals before moving on to a more intermediate level of problem solving. Aside from lesson time, he would answer any of my queries regarding the subjects on Whatsapp. All the help received finally paid off when I received my O Level results. I had a 7 grade improvement in E Math and a 4 grade improvement in A Math. All in all, I managed to score A2 for my E Math, and B3 for A Math.


I would definitely reccomend Good School to my juniors due to the huge amount of support I had recieved. From practice questions to the useful guidebooks Mr Zhang had written, the help given allowed me to better understand my weak points and how I could improve.ble to finish to the useful guidebooks Mr Zhang had written, the help given allowed me to better understand my weak points and how I could improve.

Cherilynn Chua

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