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Good School Mentee Jerald Loh Yong Rui_edited.jpg
Ethan Mu Jin Nian_edited.jpg
Clara Lee.jpeg


Jerald Loh
Chung Cheng High (Main)


Ethan Mu
St Andrews Secondary


Clara Lee
Edgefield Secondary

More English Written Testimonials 1: Services
More English Written Testimonials 1: Testimonials

Before joining Good School, I used to struggle greatly in English, getting only a B3 for it in Secondary 1 end-of-year examinations. I thought that there was no structure to the subject, and it entirely depends on the questions in the exam. I thought that there was no way to study for it, unlike the sciences or mathematics.

However, upon taking up lessons in Good School, I soon learnt about the logic models and the many answering techniques that could be applied to every comprehension passage that made Paper 2 a breeze for me, especially since their formulaic nature complemented my more logical way of thinking, and made me realise that English is a subject that actually has a fixed structure. The tutor also invests plenty of time into learning grammar, a foundational tool that my teachers would skip. It allowed me to truly understand my mistakes instead of simply being told that I was wrong, and it also aided me in varying my sentence structure. The tutor also makes lessons engaging and interesting by covering certain current affairs, showing us certain video clips such as the Toastmasters competition for an oral lesson, or demonstrating brilliant language use through an analysis of the Queen’s speech. The tutor provided comprehensive and constructive feedback on my work such as submitted essays or oral recordings, and offered support anytime as he would respond to queries even during the rest of the week via WhatsApp.

I managed to get a 2-grade improvement and scored an A1 for my O Level English examination. I would highly recommend Good School to others as it offers a wide range of learning resources. Not only are the tips provided effective, but we are also constantly reminded of what we need to follow and this has led to steady and sustained improvement in my grades as well as my grasp of the language.

Jerald Loh

Gareth Teo Wen Zhe_edited.jpg
Lexna Neo.jpeg
Ryan Leong (1)_edited.jpg


Gareth Teo
Holy Innocents' High


Lexna Neo
Saint Anthony's Canossian Secondary


Ryan Leong
Maris Stella High

More English Written Testimonials 1: Testimonials

Before joining Good School, I didn’t know that there were specific techniques involved in essay writing and always freely wrote whatever that comes into my mind without thinking.
I was unable to score well in the ‘Language’ aspect of continuous and situational writing. I was also constantly confused by certain question types in comprehension, which caused me to lose marks for the entire question. I scored a B3 for my mid year examinations in Secondary 2.

The lessons in Good School certainly opened my eyes to a new world of English as my tutor taught me unique formulas to answer various comprehension questions and simple ways to identify question types. I was able to clearly tell the difference between the ‘Purpose’ and ‘Message’ of a visual text after attending lessons from Good School, while many of my schoolmates weren’t able to. Furthermore, I have benefitted from the sentence variety techniques that my tutor introduced, along with the practices that allowed me to hone my skills. He also placed emphasis on descriptive essay topics, instead of solely focusing on expository topics, which allowed me to have a wider variety of essay topics to choose from. My tutor ensures that every student’s personal needs are attended to and addresses mistakes that are common throughout students’ work. Even during online lessons, he constantly engages with students to ensure that they stay on track, and is also open to clarifying my doubts after lessons through WhatsApp.

I scored an A2 for my O'level English. I would recommend Good School as I have developed greater fluency in my essays, which was my main concern, and also become more confident in answering comprehension questions.

Gareth Teo

Aidan Teo.jpeg
Oh Yu En Jermaine.jpeg


Aidan Teo
North Vista Secondary


Victoria Secondary


Jermaine Oh
Cedar Girls' Secondary

More English Written Testimonials 1: Testimonials

Before Joining Good School, I was always confused about why I was scoring so low for English comprehension and I was unable to score for the summary passage.

I first joined during Secondary 2 as my mother assured me that this centre would help teach me specific methods to help me improve. This included SVOCA, logic model and formula for each specific questions like inferential questions and language use questions. My tutor was not only good at teaching but played a big part in motivating me to work harder. For example, he would send me reminders to do my homework and he would not scold me. I felt very encouraged to work hard instead of being forced to do better. I think my tutor really kept me engaged as he would have excellent pacing in class. I think for other teachers, when they go through lessons, they would only cause me to lose interest as they are either too fast or too slow. But thankfully, my tutor in Good School had good pacing in his class which suited me.

Without my tutor’s help, I would not be able to improve from a C5 to an A2 for English in my O'Levels. I  would recommend Good School as the methods that my tutor taught were essential in me attaining an improved grade in my O Levels.

Aidan Teo

Good School Mentee Janell Fong.jpg
Koh Kai Woon.jpeg
Good School Mentee Asher Steffan Toh.jpeg


Janell Fong
Pasir Ris Crest Secondary School


Koh Kai Woon
Nan Chiau High


Asher Steffan Toh
St Patrick's School

More English Written Testimonials 1: Testimonials

Before Good School, I was very confused in English class. Most of the time, I would go with an answer because it sounded right. This caused my grades to fluctuate. Also, my perception of English at that time was that it was a very dry and dull subject. I was not very engaged in class and didn’t see the value in it.

For someone with a slower learning speed, Good School was the best possible help I could have gotten. The teachers are patient and incredibly devoted to helping their students. Good School helped me overcome the seemingly huge tasks of writing an essay or understanding a comprehension passage. In other words, break down intimating and complex assignments into easy to understand concepts. They told me the ingredients that made the difference between a mediocre essay and an excellent one. Methods such as show don’t tell, general to specific and WIIFM are some tools that help me fix my compo writing back comprehension.

The lessons had the perfect valence of being interactive and informative. It helped me see English in a whole new light. In my previous tuitions, I would focus on reading and memorizing model essays, but in Good School was the first time that I was analysing a speech from Queen Elisabeth and Martin Luther king. That made me see the importance and artistry of English and how words when placed intentionally and carefully can make change in the world we live in. It can unite and call people to action.

Other than that, Good School is just a great place with even greater teachers that helped me improve from a C6 to B3.

Janell Fong

Hazel Lee.jpeg
Good School Icon
Good School Icon


Hazel Lee
Paya Lebar Methodist Girls'


Marymount Convent School


More uploaded soon!

More English Written Testimonials 1: Testimonials

Before joining the English class at Good School Learning Hub, I always had trouble crafting up essays, I would always miss out the key points of my essay and had never scored above a 20 for it.

Right from the first lesson, my tutor patiently answered all of my questions and encouraged me to utilise my creativity to address the essay topics from different angles. The essay techniques he taught such as the 3BIT and OCE diagrams, made my essay more flavourful and corrected the logic flaws that I once had in my essays.

I was pleasantly shocked when my essay for my school’s prelims obtained an A2 and this is a testament to my tutor's teaching abilities and the quality education Good School Learning Hub provides.

Hazel Lee

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