Good School Learning Hub aims to provide quality mentoring and ensure quality learning for our mentees through our exquisitely-crafted unique mentoring process. The system enhances the learning process of our mentees and helps them achieve better results in a shorter timeframe. This is why almost 100 percent of our mentees improve under our tutelage.

Some say we are the best tuition centre in Kovan and Singapore. What about you?


Our Good School Journey begins with the consultation with our subject specialists to determine the suitability of our course for our potential mentees. Once the details are ironed out, we will proceed with the registration of a free trial class* to further assess and evaluate how we can best help the child. 


Our lessons are conducted by specialists in our respective subject areas. We assume that our mentees has zero subject content knowledge and teach everything from scratch so as to build a solid foundation for them so that they will not be lost. We use technology to make lessons engaging and effective. 


Our mentees are encouraged to ask questions related to their learning, homework or personal questions from school even if they are topics that are not aligned to the lesson on that day. We will address them accordingly. Only by clearing all doubts will our mentees be able to learn effectively and confidently. 


Our mentors also strives to give personal attention to our mentees so that we can address issues and concerns that are more individualistic or different in nature. This is more effective for mentees who are less outspoken and are shy to bring up their questions publicly in class. 


Our mentors will not hesitate to help our mentees even if they have questions outside of class. We know that doubts can occur at any time and if we address them when the mentees are keen to learn, it would definitely boost their confidence and greatly motivate them to do their work more frequently as they know they are not alone.  


Our mentees can also contact us via whatsapp in the event they have questions outside of our centre. Help is literally a tap away. We effectively harness and leverage on the power of technology to help our mentees go further in their learning. This is how we mentors provide support where it matters.  


Our mentors also advises our mentees whenever they have concerns over their personal or school related problems. We will work out an actionable plan with our mentees to ensure that they can cope with the demands and strike a good work-life balance so that they can achieve the desired outcomes more effectively and efficiently. 


Our mentees have full access to our study area, pantry and available classrooms during our operating hours daily so that they can use them for self revision or group discussions. This helps to support both self-directed and collaborative learning. Mentees who find it difficult to study at home can head down to our centre for a more focused learning experience.  


Concerned that there are not enough materials or resources at home? Fret not! Our mentees can borrow materials and assessment books from our library so that they can gain a wider exposure from the different types of questions. Our mentors can even help to select questions that will address the specific learning concerns of each of our mentees. 

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