Good School Achievers 2016




Adelle Choo, Compassvale Secondary School

In school, the teacher’s pace was way too fast and I could not understand most of the lesson. I became very discouraged and copied almost all my math homework. When I first joined, I had F9 for A maths. Despite being slow in understanding, my mentor in Good School was very patient in explaining and making sure I understood the topics.  The study area was very helpful to me as it provided a conducive environment since it was hard for me to concentrate at home. My mentor was very encouraging and genuine in helping me improve my understanding whether it was during lessons or through Whatsapp. I had a 7 grade improvement and scored an A2 for O levels.



Crystal Tan, Xinmin Secondary School

In the beginning of Sec 3, I was not able to grasp the A Math concepts very well as my school teachers was moving from topic to topic very quickly, and I had many concepts that I could not clarify as my school teacher moved really fast and the concepts were also taught in a very abstract manner that I had formed many misconceptions and got very confused. When I got into GSLH, my mentor had broken down abstract concepts my school teacher was trying to teach me. He also gave the students a few practice questions and showed us how to apply the concepts he taught us to as well as on the questions I did as homework. On numerous occasions , he also addressed my queries on my school math homework on Whatsapp and after class. The study environment is extremely conducive and it is not only great for lessons, but self study as well. I got F9 for most of my Sec 3 life and got an A2 for O levels. I would definitely recommend GSLH because my mentor is a very dedicated teacher and will put in his 110% and give you good results as long as you are willing to put in the effort. The environment is conducive and everyone is very encouraging.

In Sec 3, my math teacher placed a lot of emphasis on teaching A math and neglected teaching E Math so my E Math grades started to drop. My mentor in good school taught me the topics ahead of time so I was able to understand the topics better in school, and ample amount of questions in homework. The questions done in tuition and at home was more than enough practice as good school even gave topical revision worksheets after finishing every topic in Sec 4. During lessons, My mentor ensured that everyone understood what he was teaching and would slow down in parts we thought was more complex or at parts where people didn't understand, which was extremely helpful. He also made classes more fun by telling us stories and jokes as my class is in the morning and everyone was sleepy. This engaged us a lot better and allowed us to absorb information better. The study environment is very conducive and encouraging as he would always answer my questions in class and over Whatsapp. I used to get C5 for my E Math, but thanks to my mentor's help, I was finally able to get an A2. Good School would definitely give you the results that you want as long as you are willing to work hard!


Shawn Gui Jin Heng, Maris Stella High School

Before attending lessons in Good School, the amount of understanding I had in Math was highly questionable. I could never understand the required concepts fully or grasp the points of certain topics as well as the applications for them. Math lessons in school were tedious, to say the least, with practice after practice. Afterwards, the teacher would just go through them, end of story. Even if there were doubts, they could never be fully clarified. However, the tutor in good school changed all of that. His lessons were a lot more interactive and engaging. If you had any questions, they will not be left unanswered. The notes were not exhaustive either. Revision was made a lot easier with them. Whenever the overall mood of the students were low, the tutor would share one of his life experiences to lighten up the atmosphere, ensuring that students can feel recharged to continue with the lesson. The centre's environment was good too. The classrooms allow students to better focus on their work and not get distracted. The support provided is a lot more accessible compared to in school. Any questions will be answered at any point in time, even outside tuition timings. Because of all these, my A math results improved from an F9 to a B3 in around 2 years. I would definitely recommend Good School because the lessons conducted are more engaging unlike conventional school lessons. The tutor makes sure that students understand as much possible about the topics covered, especially outside lessons. He is passionate about teaching, and if there is cooperation between two parties, the improvement made will be worth the effort


Nick Seah, Maris Stella High School


I hated A math to the core especially with the constant F9s throughout the year. Didn’t understand a simple topic. My tutor in GS was patient and very dedicated to help us understand how to do a certain topic. During O level period, he helped me whenever I needed help through Whatsapp. I eventually scored an A2 for my O Levels.


Before joining, I felt that chemistry was the worst subject and I scored F9 throughtout. Tutors were dedicated to help students and to answer students queries. I scored A2 for O levels. Tutors helped us summarise every topic allowing me to have an earlier revision.


Gwyneth Quek Ee-En, St. Magaret's Secondary School

Before I joined my teacher in school was teaching really quickly and I was unable to fully understand my teacher. He also skipped steps and made it difficult to connect the dots to the solution for the questions. Many lessons in school were simply doing practices and even when the teacher went through the practice worksheets, they went through quite quickly. At Good School however, the tutor allowed us to voice out the questions we needed him to explain and he would explain in detail until we understand. Good School's teaching was very clear and the methods were easy to understand and apply. He taught us more than one method to solve a question. He also shared with us tips for exams and also life. I like that there is a study area in the centre and it's a very conducive environment to study. Class sizes are small and also lesser distractions.


Ethan Chuah, Compassvale Secondary School (Secondary 5)

When Secondary 3 ended, I was completely lost during my maths lesson as I could not understand what my teacher was teaching. Once I joined Good School, everything changed. Good School methods of teaching is much more understandable and interesting and made me catch up with the topics instantly. I've always failed my A maths constantly before i joined Good School. But now i've been constantly improving and I've managed to score an A2 for both maths! Thank you <3


Adam Loh Shun Hao, Compassvale Secondary School

I felt that I don't have the ability to do well in A Math as our school provided very little time to understand the different topics. I scored and E8 for my recent SA1. In school, teachers have lesser time to concentrate on different individuals and hence is unable to cater specifically to our level of understanding unlike lessons here where we are helped individually as the classes are small. The tutor's lessons are engaging and are helpful as we can clarify our doubts on the spot. The small class size is one of the things i like about here. I am constantly supported by my tutor even on Whatsapp. After attending this tuition, i obtained an A1 for A Maths. I was able to understand the topics more clearly with the help of my tutor. I would recommend to my juniors as the environment here is good and conducive.



Sofian Benedict RuiHan, Ngee Ann Secondary


For A Maths, I really never liked it as I never did well, I would have a difficult time understanding what the teacher at my school was saying as it is harder to grasp. I got a D7 for CA2 and F9 for prelim. The tutor taught each concept more in-depth, my previous tuition centre had like one to one teaching. Over here they had more one to one teaching. My tutor would always clarify your doubts and prompt you to solve your problems yourself without giving you the answer directly. The centre is air-conditioned and is comfortable for studying. If i needed help with outside work outside class, I would ask him during lessons sometimes through Whatsapp. I got A2 for Amaths in O levels and my improvements only showed during O levels. I had a 5 grade improvement after 6 months. I would recommend because of the environment and teachers, conducive environment to study. 


Chemistry confused me at first with the many concepts and topics and I scored B4 for CA2. The tutor at Good School would explain further on the concepts and give me the points for better understanding. In school the teacher rushed through the lessons and had little time for one to one consultations. The Centre is air-conditioned and comfortable and have small classes. I would ask the teacher usually after class and mostly on Whatsapp when I'm doing my own work. I scored an A2 for chemistry during O levels, a 2 grade improvement in 5 months. I would recommend Good School as the teachers and the school environment provides a suitable place for study. 


Samuel Teoh, Anglican High School

Before joining GSLH, I scored a consistently low grade below D7. The tutor in good school is patient and helped me to understand the topics better, even starting from scratch although only 3 months were left. The small class size also allowed me to freely ask questions and concentrate better.


Quah Yan Hui, Compassvale Secondary School 

When I first took A maths, I found it ridiculously hard. It was hard to understand the different maths terms being thrown around the classroom. But I managed to get through different math terms being thrown around the classroom and managed to get through using examples.  As a result, my A maths results have been really inconsistent; ranging from C6s to F9s. Hence, my parents signed me up for Good School. When I first joined I was too shy to ask for clarification. As the tuition sessions progressed, my teacher could see that I was struggling to understand and was too shy to ask. Hence, he assured me every tuition session and I was soon asking him questions about my school exam papers after class. With questions answered and a much better understanding of the subject, thanks to clear teaching and learning the different methods to solve problems, my grades jumped from E8 to A2 from prelims to O level. I would strongly recommend Good School as the teaching is very clear and they teach us many methods to solve problems. The temperature is cool and provides a conducive learning environment. The classrooms look professional as well.


Peh Qi Heng, Holy Innocents’ High School

Before joining Good School, I was constantly failing A maths and honestly did not put much thought into this subject as well as my other subjects. Throughout the two years of taking A math in secondary school, I did not fair well. I was either barely passing or attaining a solid D7. The lessons differed greatly, in class, the teacher had to cater to the different learning speeds of various students and thus was not able to concentrate on everyone. As a result, I always found myself lost in class and eventually lost interest. However, in Good School, I was able to freely express my misconceptions and get an immediate solution to my issue. Succeeding in solving Amath problems, it sparked an interest in me for the subject. Along with the continuous support from Good School, I was inspired to do well and determined to ace Amaths as well as my other subjects. During Prelims in September, I scored a D7 but in O levels, I was able to achieve an A2! A 5 grade improvement. Overall, I would recommend Good School. In small groups, the tutor will be able to cater to your needs. Good School will continue to provide endless support no matter your starting grade.


Oh Zilin, Edgefield Secondary School

Before I joined, I had difficulty coping with my A maths as the pace in school was too fast and after failing my mid-year exams in sec 3, I became very unmotivated and started losing interest in A math. I scored F9 in my first common test in sec 4. Here, the pace is definitely slower and also I was able to better clarify my doubts. Mr Zhang was very patient and he always made sure all of us understood before moving on. The study area is very conducive for me to continue studying even after classes. I was also able to clarify my doubts even after lessons through Whatsapp. I had a 6 grade improvement and scored B3 for my O levels A maths.


Shreyas, School of Science and Technology

My mentor is a very passionate teacher who would not stop trying to explain key concepts until we are completely clear. He doesn’t just tell us how to solve questions, but rather explains the reason behind using the specific methods. This allows us to gain a deeper understanding in the concepts and their various applications.


James Tan, Maris Stella High School

I always felt that the pace in school is too fast for me. I had a hard time understanding the concepts of A Maths. I was getting C6 in my A Maths. The lessons are easy to understand and the tutor took the time to explain any concepts that I was unsure of. He was willing to take time to explain concepts such as integration and differentiation. The small class size really helped too. In the end, I improved from C6 to an A1 for my O level A Maths. I would definitely recommend Good School to my friends as it provides an ideal learning environment for any student.



Emily Tham


Before I embarked on my journey with Good School, I've always felt that English was a language that cannot be improved on. To me, it was just about how you convey the message across, never about vocabulary, grammar, sentence structure… I scored a C6 for my recent SA1. In school, the lessons were just about practice papers. Even if there were consultations, it's in big groups and often rushed. However, in Good School, things are different. the lessons are often conducted in a fun way. In other tuition centres, I often feel tensed and nervous as to how the teachers would fight their way through and force the correct answers down out throat, but here, it was mainly about understanding how our answers come about and how we should tackle the questions the right way. My mentor teaches with various techniques. For example, to make sure the PEEL is well-written, he comes up with methods that can guarantee you good grades but only if you FOLLOW EVERYTHING HE SAYS! I had a 3 grade jump from C6 to B3. i would definitely recommend everyone to join Good School! 


Since I've taken A maths in Sec 3, I've never passed A Maths before. Teacher would often explain how the answers come about, but I can never fully understand. In Good School, My mentor always tell me to think far and tackle the problems one by one, topic by topic. In the past, i only focus on the final answer. But now, I focus mainly on progress and how to derive each step. I went from doing 10 questions a week to 60 questions a week. This is because of how my mentor has motivated me and make sure I remain positive through this O level journey. I went from a D7 to B3 in 8 months. If you see no hope in your Amaths now, don't give up! Join Good School and work step by step towards your goal! This is definitely a life-changing journey! 



Jonathan Vincent Lum, ACS (Barker Road)

Before joining Good School, my E.Math had always gotten problem C5 or C6 and my A.Math was consistently getting F9 all the way up to, these grades caused me to lose interest in both math and thought about dropping A.Math. When I joined Good School, my tutor gave me a new perspective to learning math by breaking down each chapter into sub topics allowing slow learners like me to catch up. In the end thanks to Good School's efforts i managed to obtain an A2 for E.Math and a B4 for A.Math which was the first time i passed in O levels.


Gerald Ooi, Maris Stella High School

Before Good School, I felt very unmotivated towards A math as I was unable to understand the concepts put forward by my school teacher. Hence I had a consistent F9 and E8 during my upper sec journey. During my time at Good School I found the teaching methods used allowed me to clearly understand the concepts of the chapters, motivating me to study hard and practise the subject. Furthermore, since the class size is small, it was very conducive for me to learn. After the hard work of my tutor and me, i was able to improve from a consistent F9 to B3 in my O levels


Sean Sum Xi Jie, Chung Cheng Main School

Topics covered in school were mainly 'touch and go' with no detailed explanation of the various question types. Good School covers the specific question types properly and give examples of careless mistakes commonly made so that we can be wary of it. The homework given is sufficient and challenging, allowing students to get sufficient exposure to question types. Nearing prelims, the topical revision was useful as students can specially focus on their weaker topics and question types. Tuition content covered was ahead of school allowed me to get a good grasp of what the school teacher was saying and prevents me from getting lost during lessons. My score improved from B4 in prelims to A2 in O levels.


Quah Qing Long, Chung Cheng Main School

Not really interested in A Maths - I scored E8. Good School tutors can focus more on the question you don't know and can help you 1 on 1. You can also learn about things that other people ask. The methods help you understand better. There is aircon, food and drinks, and you can use the study area if you come early. The tutor provides a good support system such that I can ask questions that i don't know immediately. I got a D7 during prelims but attained a B3 during O levels. I made an improvement after one month only. I would definitely recommend Good School to others.


Gershayn Phua, Yishun Town Secondary School

It was a fun and enriching learning under My tutor. Aside from being a really experienced math teacher, he is also really passionate and genuine towards his students. To make lessons more fun, he would often crack some lame jokes. He would also share with us the common mistakes and misunderstandings students make for certain questions which helps us a lot. For math, I usually felt that the pace in school was a little too fast for me and I never really had time to clarify my doubts with my teacher, so my mentor had actually made learning maths much more easier and clearer for me, because he would go really in-depth in explanations. Also, I really liked his style of teaching because it really just focuses on the topics and question types that I have doubts in. In the span of just 1 month learning under my tu, my grade in math has improved by 2 grades. (C5 to B3)


Wee Mei Xuan, North Vista Secondary School

My mentor is a very consciences teacher. He always ensures that I understand what i am learning. He is very patient and will explain and clear my doubts very patiently even after asking him the same question umpteen times. He will answer my questions on Whatsapp no matter how late/early I ask him. I often bombard him with tons of questions but he never fails to answer all of them with clear explanation. My past tutors just couldn't help me to understand E-math. Being able to meet my mentor was a blessing in disguise. I improved from a constant F9 to a B3 in my O levels.


Sharlotte Lim, Paya Lebar Methodist Girls School Secondary

My tutor helped me to understand the different topics such as indices and trigonometry better as I was particularly weak in those areas. The way he approached the questions were easy to understand. He also helped to clear my doubts and also helped me to enjoy doing math more. After constantly failing and getting F9s throughout the year, I managed to get a C5 in my O levels within a span of 3 months. I also like the fact that I would ask questions that I am not sure of from the papers that I have done and my tutor would be glad to answer my doubts.



Terry Tan, Bowen Secondary School


Before attending A math tuition with my mentor, I was achieving inconsistent results for A math due to a lack of understanding for the subject. Despite studying extremely hard, I was not scoring the As I hoped for. However, my tutor unique teaching style allowed me to understand the fundamentals of the subject. Not only did he enlighten me academically but he also taught me important life lessons and values by telling short stories. This let me realize that although academics are important, having good values is also crucial to being successful in life.


Despite joining the class in the middle of Secondary 4, I managed to catch up a lot within a short amount of time and this allowed me to jump from B4 to A2 in O levels. My mentorwas very determined to pull my grades up and get to know me better in the process. From the first lesson, he interacted with us in a friendly and welcoming way which made me comfortable in approaching him when I need help. His teaching style is very confident and this made me more determined to study harder to achieve a distinction.



Ethan Chuah, Compassvale Secondary School (Secondary 4)

Honestly, I didn’t really care about my studies then. I remember I failed my a maths badly and scored a just passed for e maths at most. When I joined this tuition, I also didn’t care about my work. Every lesson, I came with my homework incomplete. Even worst, I would purposely skip lesson as I was lazy and gave the excuse I was sick. After my EOY results, I did terribly. I was too afraid that I would retain. From that day onwards, I devided to work hard. It was not an easy process but I have no choice in order for me to succeed. In the beginning of Secondary 4, I struggled a lot. Sometimes I even gave up. But I know by doing that I won’t be able to upgrade myself. I then decided to work hard. My hardwork paid off. I scored an A1 for my emaths and B3 for my Amaths. All I can say is that hardwork will pay off!




Peh Xin Ying, Holy Innocents’ High School


- Improved from C5 to A1

- Made learning math fun and easy to understand

- Explained in simple words and made sure all of us actually understood before moving on.


- Improved from E8 to B4 for Physics

- Improved from C6 to B3 for Chemistry

- Gave examples that we can relate to for us to understand the concepts easily


Javier Chan, Xinmin Secondary School

My mentor is extremely patient. For example, there were several occasions where I was unable to comprehend even the simplest concepts, he would then take some time to explain in detail to ensure that all students were able to catch up with the lessons.

Even though he is busy with his personal life, especially since he has a young son to take care of, he would still not mind us asking him questions through Whatsapp where he will respond as soon as he could. His dedication towards teaching is largely apparent and greatly appreciated by students as well.

During lessons, he also does his best to ensure that there are no dull moments. For example, after completing a series of tough questions, he will take a short break and share past experiences and other personal stories. He also takes the effort to find out more about his students and their interests.

Despite joining the class merely 3 months before O levels, my tutor's patience and in-depth knowledge about the subjects he teaches allowed me to pull up my Amath grade from F9 to A2.


Eunice Ter, Tanjong Katong Girls' School

- Improved from failing to just passing to getting a B3 for O levels
- Made learning fun
- Patient (Explains until we fully understand)



Martin Lau, Victoria School


My tutor is a very sharp teacher. Although he’s just my math teacher, he knew there were some personal problems in my life and texted me personally out of concern. He also takes the effort to record his lessons on computer so that we could relook back and revise what he taught in class. Thanks Boss.


Electromagnetic Induction is my worst topic. To make it fun, my tutor showed us Youtube videos that are related to the topic we’re currently learning. He also encouraged us not to give up during the final weeks of revision before O levels. When he’s free, he talks to me personally about my ambitions so I do not lose sight of my goals. Thank you.



Manesh Lingham, North Vista Secondary School


When I first saw the advertisement on Facebook, I was quite intrigued when I saw people having massive improvements from Fs to As. Then at a C, I decided to give the lessons a shot and I have to say that if I had not taken the lessons, I probably would have only peaked at a B. With my tutor happy approach, jokes and enthusiasm he transformed this daunting subject to a more friendly one. With that approach, I became more open to learning and the subject. Furthermore, he was always available on Whatsapp so that's cool. I now find A Maths fun to do and more of a game than Maths. I managed to improve and get an A2 for O level.


Chemistry to me was always a subject that I felt that if I had a teacher who I could just click with, understanding it would be quite easy. Thankfully, my tutor was that type of teacher. He always went over topics quite aggressively, getting to the 'meaty' part of the topic within an hour, yet he always taught it in the simplest way possible. He always covered common misconceptions early in the lesson and he allowed for questions beyond the syllabus (which i really like). Furthermore, he gave additional work and exam papers if any of us wanted and to me, that is like fantastic. I have managed to look at Chem in a more simplistic manner and managed to get an A for O level. 



Laura Teo, Holy Innocents’ High School


He is very lively during lessons and he tries his very best to make English interesting. He patiently repeats English writing skills and tells us where we should improve in. My tutor will mark our work and write a lot of comments to improve, on top of that he personally speaks to us to clarify our doubts and pin point our mistakes that other students may not make.


He is very patient with me and he repeats his explanation multiple times. He constantly encourages us and tells us not to give up. He tells where we are strong and weak in and which chapters we should pay more attention to.


Micole Lee, Greendale Secondary School

My tutor teaching style is very unique. He makes things easier for us to understand and always ensures that we are clear about what he teaches us before moving on. Through his lessons, I improved significantly in my POA and Emaths.




Violin Tan Yee Jing, Yu Ying Secondary School


My mentor is very understanding and would teach in a pace that is easy for students to learn. I could see improvement when my editing has improved constantly from 4/10 to 8 or 9/10. Thanks!


My mentor is straight to the point and is very good at teaching students in a way we can understand. Before, I would constantly fail my math test. Now, I got a B3 for Maths O level! Thanks !


My mentor is very good at capturing what I’m trying to express and also knows the common questions students have. He is also a humorous person and gets along with his students well. Thanks ! (E8 to B3)



Christy, Whitley Secondary School


My mentor's lessons are really interesting and fun. I got to learn the rules in English that are not emphasized by my school. Whenever we don’t understand, he will always patiently explain to us again. He also teaches with drawings (It helped me to learn things in a different way) Oral lessons are even more fun!


I like how he delivers concepts and help us to understand it better. He is very different from other teachers because he makes sure that we understand it before we continue. Whenever we lack practice in a certain chapter, he will help us understand the topic and give us worksheets. His lessons are fun and different (in a good way).



Jacie Koh, Chung Cheng Main School


Before joining math tuition for A Maths, I was scoring very badly for A Maths due to my lack of understanding of the subject. Due to the detailed explanation on question types and the extra help I got for the topics I did not understand well, I began to be able to do the questions  provided in tuition and in school. My results have shown immense improvement in the 1 year that I am in  Good School. 


Before joining Chemistry tuition, my Chemistry was bad due to my lack of understanding and that I was unable to go to school often for the lessons. During the lessons, my tuition teacher was able to go through the topics and supply me with exercise questions and help me better understand the question types that came out during the O levels. My results have undoubtedly improved over the past year. 


Leong Ee Han Daniel, Maris Stella High School

I felt that Chemistry was a terrible subject in which I scored only F9 throughout my whole secondary 3 life. However, the lessons provided here were interactive and engaging. This allowed me to regain the interest in chemistry which I once had. The tutor brought out videos that showed us the wonderful world of chemistry [Explosive reactions]. He was also very amicable and acted more as a friend than a teacher. I was also able to spend my time to clarify doubts with him. The centre was also conducive for studying. My grades improved from C6/D7 to an A2 for my O's. I would recommend this centre to my friends.


Yule Han, Punggol Secondary School

Before i joined, I've always been very bad at math. I never knew how to properly understand the topics. The teachers in school also kept changing every term, which caused many people like me to fail. On my firm prelim exam, i scored a grade 6 and that was when i realised that i needed help with math. I came upon Good School online and decided to give it a try. My mentor is a very patient teacher and would never hesitate to help us solve our doubts. In addition, he also made lessons interesting by telling us stories to brighten up our moods from exam stress. I managed to improve on my prelim 2 by scoring a grade 4 and a grade 3 for my N levels. Overall, i did not regret joining Good School.


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