Good School Achievers 2017




Koh kai en, Javis, Nan Chiau High School

I didn’t know that there were methods for answering comprehension questions and was always unable to get the complete answers to the questions. I was always missing that one part of the answer that would allow me to get the full marks for that question. I also didn’t know that there were techniques that could be used during summary that could help me paraphrase my words and make my sentence structure much more fluent. I scored a B3 for my end of year examinations in Secondary 3.
When taking lessons in Good School, I was able to study English predictably using the logic modelling and formulas taught during the lesson. Even though I joined later in the year, I was still able to catch up with the rest of my classmates with the extra lessons that were conducted during the school holidays. The tutor is able to teach in a way that makes it easy to understand and digest the techniques that are taught to us. The lessons are also fun and engaging as the tutor would link the techniques to the scripts of some movies. One such example is using a clip from the movie “Sherlock Holmes” to teach us how to be more descriptive when writing our essays. The class size is small and all the students are able to receive adequate attention from the tutor and the whole class is able to move ahead in the lessons together. I was able to get help from my tutor even outside lesson timings as I could contact him via Whatsapp if I still had any doubts on what was taught during the lessons or when I needed assistance for my school work.
I had a 2-grade improvement and scored an A1 for my O level English. I would recommend Good School to the people around me because the techniques that were taught are effective and helped me to better answer the questions in Paper 2 which was the component that I was the weakest at. There were also lessons for essay writing and oral which helped me to better express myself in both writing and words.



Gwen Ang Wui Wen, Anderson Secondary School

What sets my tutor’s English lessons apart from the ordinary English teachers in school is that in my tutor’s lessons, we do not just get extra practice for us to drill our answering and writing techniques, but we are also taught various methods to attempt each and every segment tested within the English syllabus. For example, in the lessons which are essay-focused, we aren’t only exposed to a wide range of vocabulary for us to use in our own writing, but we are also taught formulas to structure a good introduction, non-repetitive PEEL paragraphs, as well as convincing conclusions (for the expository essays).
Some problems i faced included not knowing how to study effectively for the subject even days before the upcoming test or examination apart from just flipping through old assignments and learning from my previous mistakes. I also didn’t manage to practice more for my essay writing even though it was one of my weaker components as the teachers in my school focused more on the other components. In a nutshell, English was a pretty ambiguous subject to me that i did not know how to study and improve in simply by just reading up more.
I joined Good School in sec 1, where my grades stayed stagnant at the B3 to B4 range
For English, the teachers focus a lot on us having the fundamentals and learning all the formulas we will need in order to answer the questions directly and accurately. We also learnt all the various ways like FAT, level 1 to 3 descriptive writing and how to come up with our own similes and metaphors so that we are able to write much more interesting and persuading essays. The teachers also zoom in on every tiny detail by breaking down the question so that we are able to produce essays that thoroughly answer the question while standing out from the rest as well.
The tutor provides us very specific advice regarding areas we are weaker at and what we can do to improve in it. There are also many more opportunities provided for us to practice our oral, writing and answering skills beyond classes, which really helped me a lot especially when it was nearing the o level examinations and we could no longer submit any more assignments and essays to our school teachers to mark. This helped ensure that i was always putting my skills to a test and also greatly boosted my confidence for the subject after so much practice. Moreover, the tutor’s lessons were never dry, and for some of us who don’t frequently catch up with current affairs or the news, the tutor would always spare a portion of the session going through the latest news with us, and even creating opportunities for discussion where we would get to practice our oral skills frequently as well, thus killing 2 birds with one stone.
The class size is kept small and comfortable and this ensures that we are able to get all the help that we need from the tutors as it is easier to approach them if we had any doubts. This also means that each of us gets a chance at being called to answer a question and also practice our oral skills every lesson as well.
The tutor ensures that each of us is looked after and no one gets left behind as we were able to whatsapp the tutor after class whenever we needed help, where we would then get a very detailed response as to how to solve our inquiries.
I had a 2-grade improvement (from B4 to A2 in secondary 1) and managed to maintain an A2 for my O level English
I would recommend because Good School English tutors are one of kind, and one that needs help, especially extra attention, will definitely stand to gain since the tutors are extremely detailed in coaching us. Attending English lessons at the centre also allowed me to study more effectively and easily since there were formulas i could always turn to, which also allowed me to save time during the examinations thinking about how i should phrase an answer, or how i could start off my essay.

Good School Mentee Jonathan


Jonathan Goh, Maris Stella High School


I was scoring 18/30 for sec 3 End of Year and Sec 4 prelim 1 Oral exam, as I did not do any sort of practice for my oral back then. Thus, I decided that in order to get my A1, I had to start pulling up my socks and prove to the teachers and my friends what I am capable of … After all these 2 months of hard work, I had the oral exam just last week. On that day, I walked into the exam hall confidently, aiming for a 6-mark improvement. In the end, I achieved my target with a 7 for Reading Aloud and 17 for Spoken Interaction, graded by the strictest teacher (we are allowed to choose the teacher that we want to be tested by). Some of my friends said that I was just lucky, but they will know that I am more than that when you see me on Good School's TV next year, with my picture taken with my mentor and having the caption: "English: From C5 to A1". Listen to Good School's tutors and start practicing now. Yes, NOW. My only regret is not starting in sec 3.


My mentor is an amazing teacher who is very committed to helping his students improve their grades and make sure they have a clearer understanding in the complexity of chemistry. Lessons are never boring with his teachings as he occasionally jokes with us and brighten the day. Through his help on whatsapp, I would conveniently clarify my doubts and solve the problem as soon as possible. Eventually, I manage to do well for my O levels and felt that my knowledge about Chemistry was much better.



Alycia Valerie Ng Shu Ying, Paya Lebar Methodist Girls School

Before I came to Good School, I didn’t know that I could study for English, and I usually didn’t study for my English, until I failed one of my comprehensions, then I didn’t know how to answer the questions properly. After I joined Good School, I learnt many techniques and methods to answer comprehension questions, and this helped me improve my grades from B4 to A2 in O Levels.

Good School Mentee Royston


Royston Lye, Mayflower Secondary School

I always had this misconception that English was a subject that could not be studied for and I always hated English. My grade was C6 before joining. My school teachers always just gave us answers without explanations. My mentor is very funny and he makes me interested in the lesson. The Centre is very conducive. I'm able to clarify all my doubts and my mentor goes the extra mile to offer assistance (giving feedback for all oral mock tests). I scored A1 for O levels, improving from a C6. I would definitely recommend Good School to my friends and juniors because the teachers here truly care and want me to do well.



Amos Young Zhi Kai, Maris Stella High School

Before I joined I always had problems with English Most of the time I am quite lost as to how I should prepare for English tests. During the tuition, the tutor taught me a lot of different techniques that I can use such as logic models, different answering techniques in Comprehension, this really helped me to have a clearer understanding of what are the requirements needed and the step-by-step process that I can take to change them. Overtime, through a lot of practices, I became more familiar with it & I can use it during my exams. In the end, I jumped from a B3 to an A2. It is not that big of a jump, I still struggled but abit less compared to previously. I could also focus on my other subjects and not worry too much about EL.

Good School Mentee Yasmin


Chia Yasmin, Bowen Secondary School

I didn't think that I would get any higher than a B3 for English. My tutor always put in his 100% effort in all of our English classes which really inspired me to strive for the best in my English exams. In other tuition centres, they never taught English as well as him. I think i only paid attention during class because my mentor is able to make English more interesting and he always clarified our doubts during class. It was probably because of that I wanted to write more essays for him and not just decide then and there that my results should stay stagnant. I appreciated the fact that leading up to the O levels, we were able to switch classes to fit our schedules whilst also keeping the class relatively small and easy to attend to everyone. In about 4 months I managed to jump from a B4 to an A1 in English. I would definitely recommend Good School to my juniors because I feel that Good School has a good system in teaching English,  because my mentor gave me some hope in a subject I thought had defeated me.

Goo School Mentee Guo Hao


Chee Guo Hao, Nan Chiau High School

My mentor is a caring and understanding tutor who teachers differently than other teachers. He has helped me in my essay writings and is very patient. He would always explain the questions repeatedly until we understood. Action speaks louder than words and I can see the difference in my results and my work. I never knew that I had to prepare for English till I started lessons. D7 for prelim 1, C5 for prelim 2 and A2 for O levels.

Good School Mentee Arden Koh


Arden Koh, Monfort Secondary School

At the end of Sec 3, I was doing very badly in English. I was failing with an E8 and D7. I got to know my mentor as he was recommended by my math tuition teacher. He taught me many things about English that I was totally unaware of. I used to think that reading many books was the only way to score well in English. When O levels were coming closer, my mentor was kind enough to offer his tuition center as a conducive place for me to study. It really helped me. With my constant hard work and his guidance, I was able to improve from E8 to B3 for English O levels.

Good School Mentee Rachel


Rachel Lai, Xinmin Secondary School

I almost gave up on English when I first came to Good School, as I always felt that English could not be taught. I have been scoring borderline passes and the worst was E8 during my mid-year in secondary 4. After joining the classes, I realized that actually English could be learnt if taught in a proper way. In school, lessons were just going through test papers after test papers, but here there are proper techniques to answering certain questions and they helped me to understand what I was learning. Usually, English lessons are boring but my mentor was able to add some humour into boring topics and make it interesting. It is convenient for students who want to study and eat at the same time, as it is very flexible here. I was able to apply the skills that I learnt into my exams. I could see the results of about 6 months' worth of hard work at the end when I got a 5-grade improvement. I would recommend others this place as the teachers here know the right techniques to teach and are always very approachable if we are in need of help.

Good School Mentee Bohan


Wang Bohan, Monfort Secondary School

My mentor uses an unique and interesting way to teach English. I did not even think about passing my English for O levels before meeting him. I used to get E8 for my English and I don't understand a single thing the teacher taught in school. Lessons in Good School is very clear as he uses the Math approach to teach English and I was strongly impressed by that. After his tuition, I sensed that English has become easier for me gradually and a pass for English becomes achievable. My mentor not only teaches me useful methods but also motivate me and inspire me to want to do well for myself.

Good School Mentee Earl


Earl, Compassvale Secondary School

I didn't know how to make preparations for my upcoming English exams. For English, I scored a C6 for the recent preliminary exams. My mentor uses interactive methods such as testing us after teaching us new skills that are more beneficial than just doing past-year papers and going through the papers. The class size is small compared to the classes in school which allows me to have more time to ask questions. I am able to ask him by using Whatsapp. After 12 months of tuition at Good School, i improved by 2 grades and scored a B4 for my O level English. I would strongly recommend Good School as the class size is small and there is a study area for students to study in silence or ask questions which makes it a conducive learning environment.

Good School Mentee Zizhan


Liu Zizhan, Monfort Secondary School

I felt happy and grateful joining my mentor class. Before joining the class, my English results were terrible and inconsistent. But he has a unique way to teach that makes English an easy subject. I was scoring E8 in school before I joined Good School and scored C6 for my O levels. Good School can make lessons really fun and keep me attentive during the 2 hours. Thank you! :D

Good School Mentee Amanda


Amanda Mah Xiu Min, Compassvale Secondary School

I feel that English is a subject that I can do well just that I needed to read more, practise more and have someone to guide me. The lessons here were different in terms of the structured methods that are taught in tuition centre as compared to those in school. The tutor was clear in his explanation and was very patient when conducting his lessons. If we were unsure, he would try to explain until we understood. I feel that the study area here is conducive for me to do my TYS and timed practices. It's great that i can still get to ask questions via Whatsapp out of lesson time. I had a 2 grade improvement and scored B4 for O level English in 8 months! Yes, i would definitely recommend because the methods used were not taught in school and it's useful and the teacher was very patient with us.

Good School Mentee Zenise


Zenise Tey, Compassvale Secondary School

Before coming to the Good School, I didn’t know how to really prepare myself for English and English was a very big concern to me. However, after I join Good School, the tutor was very patient and he used different ways for us to visualize how to understand English better. Also, he provided us with much information that our teachers in school didn't provide us with. Before joining, i scored D7 for English, but because of his constant effort in pushing me, i scored a C5 for English. I would definitely recommend Good School Learning Hub for my friends and relatives because the teachers here are very patient and they provide us with good explanations.

Client 6


Tan Hui Qing, CHIJ St Nicholas Girl's School

Before attending the lessons at Good School, I was unsure of how I should prepare myself for English. It was always a gamble as I could score rather well sometimes, but I would do badly other times. With the aid of the structured lessons at Good School, as well as the patient and meitculous guidance of my tutor, i was able to approach the subject with much more confidence. I was able to understand what I was doing at each section which then aided me in applying the skills and formulas learnt at Good School. Additionally, the lessons at Good School were very comprehensive and interesting. I also enjoyed the small class size as it allowed lessons to be more interactive! He was also very helpful and willing to clear our doubts whenever i was confused. This helped me to keep up with all knowledge taught in class. Eventually, this led to me having a 2 grade improvement for English and I scored A1 for my O levels English examination. I would definitely recommend the class for anyone who is unclear about how to approach English.

Good School Mentee Emily Tham



Emily Tham


Before I embarked on my journey with Good School, I've always felt that English was a language that cannot be improved on. To me, it was just about how you convey the message across, never about vocabulary, grammar, sentence structure… I scored a C6 for my recent SA1. In school, the lessons were just about practice papers. Even if there were consultations, it's in big groups and often rushed. However, in Good School, things are different. the lessons are often conducted in a fun way. In other tuition centres, I often feel tensed and nervous as to how the teachers would fight their way through and force the correct answers down out throat, but here, it was mainly about understanding how our answers come about and how we should tackle the questions the right way. My mentor teaches with various techniques. For example, to make sure the PEEL is well-written, he comes up with methods that can guarantee you good grades but only if you FOLLOW EVERYTHING HE SAYS! I had a 3 grade jump from C6 to B3. i would definitely recommend everyone to join Good School! 


Since I've taken A maths in Sec 3, I've never passed A Maths before. Teacher would often explain how the answers come about, but I can never fully understand. In Good School, my mentor always tell me to think far and tackle the problems one by one, topic by topic. In the past, i only focus on the final answer. But now, I focus mainly on progress and how to derive each step. I went from doing 10 questions a week to 60 questions a week. This is because of how my mentor has motivated me and make sure I remain positive through this O level journey. I went from a D7 to B3 in 8 months. If you see no hope in your Amaths now, don't give up! Join Good School and work step by step towards your goal! This is definitely a life-changing journey! 

Client 7


Hwee Yan, CHIJ Toa Payoh Secondary

I had started English tuition at Good School 2 months before the actual O levels. The lesson that I took at Good School has really precise and informative as teacher, My mentor has developed certain methods and techniques to assist me in the learning of English which was very beneficial in helping me improve in English as I has never known that there has a way that I could study for English as I thought that the only way to improve was through practice. The lessons with him were never dull and was interesting. In addition, he always ensured that we understood the lesson well so that we could apply the techniques learnt to the subject. The methods were easy to understand and explained very accurate and clear cut. Additionally, I have always given a chance to clarify my doubts both in class and after class, as I was able to clarify my doubts through Whatsapp. Due to the dedication and informative lessons and suggestions on how to help me improve in the English language, I managed to get a two grade improvement in 2 months and scored an A1 in my o level English. I will definitely recommend Good School to others as the lessons are very beneficial and really enabled me to improve my capabilities in the English language.

Client 1


Lye Tse Yong, Nan Chiau High School

My mentor is an inspiring and innovative teacher who never fails to impress upon his students the importance of having a passion for the English Language. I managed a grade jump of 2 grades from B3 to A1 while my friends were also able to achieve rather impressive results in their O levels. This is undoubtedly down to Good School's excellent and methodical teaching methods. Not to mention the care and love she showed upon us. Good School is an effective and quality learning hub. I would say that – with the right doses of hard work – will enable one to fulfill his/her academic goals.



Chad Tan Kay Kiat, Pei Hwa Secondary School

My tutor was a very patient and caring teacher. I really liked him teaching me as it allowed me to learn the subject to the fullest as he would always take his time to explain to me certain topics i were unclear of. He tries his best to make the lessons interesting and fun and despite all our mischiefs, he has never once shouted at us. I really appreciate this tutor and I strongly recommend him to other students looking for one. I always didnt know how to prepare for an english paper and was always stuck on the generally weaker side of english as i have a very small range of vocabulary. I could never score above B4 and most of the times, i would be on the boarder line of passing english. The lessons are very interesting and enriching at the same time. I was able to learn and improve my english after a while. The tutor was able to explain everything clearly and he was very patient with the students. He made sure we all understood what he was teaching and would never neglect anyone of us.  It is a small class and that allowed me to have more time to ask the tutor questions.  The tutor tries his best to reply as quickly to me whenever i needed help and that was very helpful to my studies.  I studied the techniques my tutor thought me and made a 2-3 grade improvement in english. I would definitely recommend GS to my friends and juniors as i find it one of the best tuition centers to learn at as the tutors are friendly, nice and helpful. Most importantly, i understand their lessons.



Cherie Lim Si Yin, Anglican High School

I didnt know how to improve my essays due to my lack of vocabulary and always had limited sentence structures. For paper 2 i was very poor in visual text and comprehension as i always cant find the relevant part of the passage. As for paper i couldnt come up with examples for oral and my pronunciation for reading aloud wasnt good. For English i learnt to study using the logic modelling and formulas taught during the lesson. It was quite helpful as it was easier for me to structure my answers properly. During the lessons, the tutors would also remind us the various formulas so that we would remember it better. I liked how the lessons are logical and how my tutors would use Olevel papers as learning materials. It helped me to apply the skills learnt in school. The class was very small and conducive. The support given was sufficient as i could whatsapp my tutors for help whenever i had problems with the work given in school or tuition. During lessons, my tutors would also ask if we could understand the formulas and the task given. I think that its something other teachers might not do due to bigger classes. I improved from B4 to B3 in Olevels within a year. I would recommend this to others as i found it helpful and the teaching technique used is very unique compared to other tuitions.

Choon Hon.jpg


Yeo Choon Hon, Xinmin Secondary School

I never really knew how to study English, because I was always getting consistent C grades and I really couldn’t understand why, I also didn’t know how to study so I also turned to tuition for help. , I was taught many techniques which helped me learn quickly and these techniques weren’t taught in school, and when I applied these techniques, it actually helped me a lot, and my grades were improving since then. I was getting C6. My O Level results was a B3 which I was actually quite happy about.



Ian Lim, Pei Hwa Secondary School

I used to think that English was a subject I couldn’t study for but after I entered my tutor’s class, I was pleasantly surprise to find out that he had worked out a detailed plan to help us excel in English. He constantly pushes the class to practice and to be consistent and he strongly believes in his methods and have proven them right countless of times. He is incredibly patient and passionate in teaching. He converses with the class in a friendly manner and has always found ways to make the subject more interesting for the class. The small classes allows for a smooth communication and has helped me clear many doubts.



Kelyn Chan Si Qi, Paya Lebar Methodist Girls' School

My tutor is really patient despite my fluctuating. He uses methods and tips to teach us more about the English language, making it easier to understand the concepts of English. I have never really studied this subject as a whole before but after attending lessons, I was enlightened at the fact that English is a subject that indeed requires effort. Although I didn’t do as well as I wanted to, I was still happy with my performance because I understood and made good use of the methods that he taught as well as the list of good words that we were being provided. After attending tuition, it made English less intimidating.

Lukas Loo.jpg


Lukas Loo, Hougang Secondary School 

He taught me ways to remember simple ways to better improve my English for my compo and email. he also said that there must be a balance and that the sentences should have a connection to one another, that my school don't teach. My tutor makes use of jokes and examples to make the lesson less boring to listen to, using the ways he helped me remember tips for English it help he pass my subject during N lvl and helped me get into a course that I wanted to get into.



Valliammai Nivetha Alagappan, Sengkang Secondary School

Before joining the good school I could barely answer question in paper 2 and my essays were not good in terms of use of vocabulary and even if I read numerous amount of books
Before I joined the English class I failed both my end of year and bridging English papers with a D7
Although I could not catch up with the steps for the techniques fast I slowly understood the ways to answer the questions and was able to answer them with the help of my teacher
The tutor was always very patient and made sure that everyone was on track
The centre had a very conducive environment and even had a space for students to come in earlier than their lessons to do some homework and catch up on their revision which was really convenient as I spent some time there studying peacefully
My tutor would answer to my questions on WhatsApp as soon as possible even if the lessons were online.
I had a 4 grade improvement from a D7 to a B3. I would definitely recommend Good school to my friends and juniors as I really felt that the lessons were very beneficial for me especially.



Sharwyn Lee Wen Xuan, Paya Lebar Methodist Girls School

Before I joined Good School for English, I struggled a lot with writing well for my compositions, especially for my Vocabulary. I struggled to describe my thoughts down on paper a lot and I also struggled with appropriate starts for my compositions as well. Other than that, in my comprehension, I also  felt very unconfident in my answers when I was answering my comprehension papers. That was one of my biggest struggles in English before I joined Good School. During my time in Good School, my tutor really helped me to improve my results. He was very caring towards us and our wellbeing, he also made sure that we are doing very well. He used different formulas for us, such as the HTT and 3BIT methods to start my compositions, and he would send us articles as well to improve our writing and increase our content knowledge. Other than that, he also helped us with oral, comprehension, editing and composition. I’m very thankful for the help that I received. He also would answer my questions very late at night, even if its after midnight. I would have a lot of questions about grammar and things that are taught in school that I’m unsure about. I joined Good School for English since the start of Sec 3, so in Sec 3 Term 1, I got a C6, and then for my O Levels I got a B3.

Puo Xuan.jpg


Kor Puo Xuan, Orchid School

The main issue I faced before coming to Good School was my compo, it was kind of bad, and then my grammar was kind of bad too, so I guess that’s the two things.
After every single lesson, my tutor will remind me, as I am kind of new, to read the notes he gave. Honestly, I did not read them a lot, but I did read them and he kept reminding me to go back to the basics of grammar and nouns.
Before I came to good school, I was a D7, C6 or C5 but before O level’s I studied for English and got B3.

Client 2


Chloe Ong

Before I joined, I was never motivated to learn English. I scored B4 for CA2. Other English lessons were not engaging. Here, the tutors are very dedicated in teaching English and lessons are very interesting. My mentor is very patient in answering all my questions online and I'm extremely grateful to have such a tutor. The study area is extremely conducive. I was able to clarify all doubts on Whatsapp. Subsequently, i scored B3 in the O levels. I would definitely recommend Good School Learning Hub because the way the tutor conducted the lessons made me like English and want to strive to do well in it.

Client 5


Eugene Lim, Punggol Secondary School

Before joining Good School I felt that there was no way to prepare for English when my English exams were around the corner. However, after joining I learnt that there was actually a way to prepare for my English examination other than just reading up on past exam papers like doing practice and learning the formats. Before joining Good School I scored an average of C6 but for my o levels I got a B4. In good school the teaching environment is different from other tuition I attended. The lesson in Good School is really fun and enjoyable. During lesson we would crack jokes but when it is time to be serious everyone would start being serious. The teaching method is very easy to understand and enjoyable. My mentor would always encourage me when I felt lazy to do my work and is willing to help us no matter what. I would recommend my juniors to join as the lesson here are very interesting. If I would be able to join again I would.

Client 6


Wong Tsun Hong, Compassvale Secondary School

My mentor made learning English very easy. He created a lot of simple methods to memorise grammar “formulas”. It helped me in improving my English tremendously. Although after ‘O’ levels is over, most of the things I have learnt is gone, but the “formulas” he taught would always appear in my mind. His teaching style is what provides me the ability to understand English.

Client 4


Teo E Lyn, Junyuan Secondary School

- There are many shortcuts used in his teaching
- The explanation that he gave is clearer than in school
- Improvement in my ability to write essays in proper tenses
- More able to apply the techniques he taught in school

Client 1


Aaron Lam, Sembawang Secondary School

Lessons with my tutor were never boring. His kind and lively personality always made the lessons enjoyable for me. When he teaches, he makes sure that every single detail is taught carefully and also makes sure we understand before moving on. As I start lessons later than the rest of the students, I had to catch up with the rest. It was not easy at the start but my tutor tries his best to clear my doubts as soon as possible and I managed to grasp his unique techniques to answer questions! Although I did not score a distinction for my ‘Os’, I still improved from a C6 to B4. I also got to learn many tips for studying which can be used in the future! Thank you Good school for guiding me along for the past year J

Client 7


Megan Zhuo, Holy Innocents' High School

My mentor has taught me a different method to approach composition and comprehension. He has covered many grammar mistakes that have helped my English compositions improve. He has also provided me with useful resources like the word lists to help enrich my vocabulary. My mentor has also pointed out my mistakes and given me useful advice to score well for English.

Client 6



Laura Teo, Holy Innocents’ High School


He is very lively during lessons and he tries his very best to make English interesting. He patiently repeats English writing skills and tells us where we should improve in. My mentor will mark our work and write a lot of comments to improve, on top of that he personally speaks to us to clarify our doubts and pin point our mistakes that other students may not make.


He is very patient with me and he repeats his explanation multiple times. He constantly encourages us and tells us not to give up. He tells where we are strong and weak in and which chapters we should pay more attention to.

Client 7




Violin Tan Yee Jing, Yu Ying Secondary School


My tutor is very understanding and would teach in a pace that is easy for students to learn. I could see improvement when my editing has improved constantly from 4/10 to 8 or 9/10. Thanks!


The tutor is straight to the point and is very good at teaching students in a way we can understand. Before, I would constantly fail my math test. Now, I got a B3 for Maths O level! Thanks!


My tutor is very good at capturing what I’m trying to express and also knows the common questions students have. He is also a humorous person and gets along with his students well. Thanks! (E8 to B3)

Client 8



Christy, Whitley Secondary School


My mentor lessons are really interesting and fun. I got to learn the rules in English that are not emphasized by my school. Whenever we don’t understand, he will always patiently explain to us again. He also teaches with drawings (It helped me to learn things in a different way) Oral lessons are even more fun!


I like how he delivers concepts and help us to understand it better. He is very different from other teachers because he makes sure that we understand it before we continue. Whenever we lack practice in a certain chapter, he will help us understand the topic and give us worksheets. His lessons are fun and different (in a good way).

Client 6


Liau Yi Xuan, YuYing Secondary School Singapore

My English is really weak and i thought there is not much i can improve on as i have went to many different tuitions but i see no improvement for my English result. My grade for the subject before I join Good School was D7 for my O levels in 2016, other lessons in school or other centres were just giving me a lot of practice worksheet to do and only go through the answer for my mistakes. But in Good School, he realised that my basic was really weak and without doubts he start to strengthen my basic before going on to the worksheets. My mentor teaching is clear and his methods are easy to understand. He always put in 100% effort to teach me and make sure that i am able to absorb all the point. The class size is conducive for optimal learning to take place. I am able to clarify all my doubts during and after lesson through Whatsapp. My mentor really motivates me and inspires me to on my best, at some point in time, I was about to give up as i couldn't see any improvements in my English. I had a 4 grade improvement and scored a B3 for my O level English in 8 months! I would definitely recommend Good School to my juniors!

Good School Mentee Yee Chern


Cheong Yee Chern, Yio Chu Kang Secondary School

For English, I thought that there was little that can be done to improve. Here at Good School, the methods used to teach us are different from those from school. My mentor lessons are interesting. I am able to clarify my doubts with him on Whatsapp and he would reply as soon possible. He encourages me not to give up and to push on. He set goals with me to work towards O levels. I had a 3 grade improvement. The teachers will try everything to help you improve.