My concerns were that EL is a language, hence it is not possible to just keep doing practise papers & be able to excel in EL. Also, in school, the teacher just made sure that so long as she went through the particular lesson for that day, she was done. Therefore, not much attention was given in school. Mr Tan always emphasized the PEEL method when in class, & at GS, He always makes sure that I fully understand whatever that he is teaching.

At GS, there is a study corner & we are able to sit down there and study. Whenever we need help, the teachers are just right there to help us. Also, there is a minimart for us students to buy snacks whenever we are feeling tired & need a little snack to wake us up. GS provides very good support e.g. being able to Whatsapp the teachers whenever we need help, & they will always reply us as soon as possible. I jumped 3 grades in a span of 2 months. I would definitely recommend GS to the others as the tutors here are so supportive & as long as you are willing to work along with the tutors, you will get the results that you want to achieve.

Andrea Lau

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